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Welcome to ExpertConnect

ExpertConnect provides an online platform for leading industry professionals to share their insights and industry knowledge with our clients.

Our network provides clients access to frontline industry experts in more than 40 countries across multiple industries. Due to the diverse nature of our studies, we are always looking to bring onboard highly qualified experts who can share authentic and credible insights about their industry.


Our clients include global institutional investors, consulting firms and corporations that are trying to validate investment thesis, identify emerging trends or develop a better understanding of an industry.

Industry Experts

As a member of our Council of Experts (CoE), you are part of a select community of carefully chosen industry professionals. These members get an opportunity to share their industry insights with our clients. For every project, our network is carefully screened and only the most relevant experts are invited to participate in the industry interactions.

Modes of Engagement

Expert Interactions

Direct telephonic or online interactions between our clients and industry experts.

Market Surveys

We help our clients conduct market surveys to stay on top of current trends and monitor industry landscape.

Longer Duration Engagements

An expert exclusively works for a specified duration directly with the client’s team during the research or diligence process.

Custom Reports

Engage with industry experts for preparation of custom reports that require high degree of industry expertise.

Sector Coverage

  • IT

    IT, Hardware, Networking and Software.

  • IT Support

    ITES, BPO, Software, Telecom, KPO, Research and Analytics.

  • BFSI

    Accounting, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

  • Infrastructure

    Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Construction & Engineering and Real Estate.

  • Health Care

    Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Healthcare, Diagnostics, Bio Technology and Life Sciences.

  • Media

    Entertainment, Media, Publishing, Advertising, PR, Events and Public Relations.

  • Retail / FMCG

    FMCG, Food & Packaged Food and Retailing.

  • Automotive & Machinery

    Automotive, Automobile, Ancillaries, Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing.

  • Petroleum and Chemicals

    Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas and Petroleum.

  • Education

    Education and E-Learning.

  • Logistics

    Courier, Freight, Transportation, Shipping and Marine Services.

  • Hospitality

    Hotels, Hospitality, Restaurant, Travel and Tourism.

Case Studies

Compliance Framework

Our clients value experts for their knowledge and at the same time rely on the experts to recognize as well as limit the information to be shared. Our robust compliance framework and expert tutorials alongside repeated reminders before every engagement make experts aware of the information that can be shared.