Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the Council of Experts (CoE)?
The Council of Experts (CoE) is a global network of professionals across industries and functions. These experts share views on their areas of expertise and get compensated for their time.
What is the membership fee to join?
Your experience is the primary criteria of your acceptance in our network. There is no membership fee to join our network (CoE). Instead, you get compensated for participating in our projects.
What is my obligation to the Council in case I join?
Accepting or declining projects is entirely at your discretion. Also, during a conversation, if you become concerned with the nature of any enquiry by a client, you may discontinue your participation.
What will be the frequency of consultation?
Frequency of consultation will vary depending on client’s requirements for specific areas of expertise, number of experts in that domain. Client feedback on the quality of prior consultations and other factors.
What is the mode of discussions?
Discussions generally take place by phone or online meetings. Occasionally, expert will also have an opportunity to participate in surveys, seminars, round tables or conferences, etc.
Will my discussions with clients be monitored?
All conversations are confidential. ExpertConnect will not participate in the consultations between the experts and clients.
Will I be quoted anywhere?
As indicated, all conversations are confidential in nature. Any views shared by the experts through such interactions are not attributable to them, form part of the aggregate and experts are not quoted even if they sometimes so desire.
Am I eligible to join the network?
All industry professionals are eligible to participate subject to their acceptance of ExpertConnect India’s terms and conditions of contract.
How can I find the time for such interactions?
Most of the experts who are part of our CoE are senior industry professionals. We respect your busy schedule and try to set-up the interaction as per your availability over a few days. You may accept or decline an invitation to consult for any or no reason. When accepting projects, you may specify your availability which helps our team with the scheduling process. There is no obligation to consult as these interactions are purely at your discretion.
How do I join the network?
Register as an Expert on our website. Kindly maintain an updated profile that specifies your experience in a particular industry. Your profile allows us to invite you for relevant assignments. The biography and employment history should at all times be accurate and up to date. We use necessary keywords in employment history and area of expertise sections to search for the right experts and invite them to participate in live projects.
What topics can I discuss during a project?
Topics are generally industry specific. These are either broad discussions about industry trends or more detailed pertaining to specific products or services. Experts cannot discuss confidential information with our clients. In this regard, please carefully read our Terms & Conditions and complete the tutorial in your profile section.
What do clients learn during such interactions?
Clients use ExpertConnect for their knowledge development, including strategic challenges, hypothesis testing, market feedback, advice from industry executives, and much more. Interactions occur within a secured environment which allows clients to learn in a manner that respects experts’ confidentiality obligations and conflicts.
How will I be compensated?
You will be confirmed an hourly rate prior to any engagement. For longer projects, you will be paid on a daily rate basis, which you may charge depending on your expertise in the given field. The rate is globally competitive and commensurate with your experience.
Will I be paid for my preparation time?
The nature of the consultations and the level of information required generally do not require any preparation time as they are directly based on your core area of expertise. As a result, we only remunerate you for the amount of time spent in consultation with our client. In case some engagements require written output to be shared, you will be compensated for the time spent on such written output.
How long after the consultation will I receive my payment?
Though we take all efforts to process the payments at the earliest, the time frame may vary between 5-7 working days from the date of submission of invoice or sharing details for payment processing.
What if I do not get compensated?
We derive value from having experts consult for numerous studies over a period of time and not engage in one-off interactions. So it is in our interest to ensure that not only you are paid in a timely manner but that your overall experience is very good.
Can I act as a consultant for another primary research firm?
Yes, a number of experts consult through multiple platforms. We request you to consult through us in case we have reached out to you first for a specific study.