Expert Overview

As a member of the Council of Experts (CoE), you will be part of a community of carefully shortlisted industry professionals who will get multiple opportunities to:
  • Share your industry knowledge with our clients who mainly comprise of leading investment and consulting firms.
  • Get well paid for your time, usually within a week of the interaction.
  • Participate as per your availability.
The insights shared by the experts are confidential in nature, form part the aggregate and are not attributable to them. These interactions are generally meant for knowledge development and are never disclosed in public domain.

We do not engage Experts on a part time or a full-time basis. The experts get an opportunity to share their industry specific insights through telephonic or online interactions that are typically scheduled for a duration of an hour as per their availability.

We value your as well as our time. As an Expert, you will hear from us only when we believe there is a significant alignment between your area of expertise and the study requirements.

Register online to provide us an opportunity to review your profile and contact you for relevant studies. If we find the profile to be not suitable at this stage, we will request you to try joining our Council of Experts (CoE) again in the next 1-2 years.

Kindly review our FAQ section to address some of the questions that you may have.