Surveys are an excellent medium to evaluate a new market, monitor competitive landscape, quickly test a new concept, conduct channel checks or stay on top of industry trends.

We help our clients reach the right respondent base and complete surveys within stipulated timelines.

Our outreach process is unique, comprehensive and supports various phases of a project. Our research team has supported clients for over a thousand studies in different sectors across the world. This allows our team to understand our client’s requirements quickly and reach out to the right respondent base. The respondents are further vetted, based on industry experience, in order to ascertain their suitability to participate in the surveys.

For Participants

Survey participants are able to share their views on relevant topics as per their convenience and get suitably rewarded for their time. These surveys are short, allow you to participate in a confidential manner and share your knowledge with others.

How do surveys help

Surveys help in understanding what challenges are faced by the industry, what solutions would help in serving the industry better and in many cases aid in betterment of existing ecosystem.

Participation Fee

The fee for each survey depends upon the nature of survey, duration and type of respondent. The fee is specified for each survey and the same is processed within 4 working days of having completed the survey. Since most of these surveys are highly targeted in nature, we try to ensure that you have a wonderful experience and your fee is processed at the earliest, so that you are inclined to participate in such surveys in future. Repeat participation helps us maintain a high-quality respondent base and reduce our cost of conducting a survey.

Frequency of Surveys

These surveys are highly targeted in nature, so the number of surveys for which you will be invited to participate will be few. You will only be invited to participate when we believe the nature of survey is well aligned with your area of expertise. We also conduct a few generic surveys for which we may reach out to you. However please do not expect a weekly or a monthly email from us.

Live Surveys

In case any survey is open for public viewing, you will be able to view the link below, else click on the link that you have received for a specific survey.