Expert Training

Experts are required to complete an online interactive tutorial while empaneling with us. The tutorial explains what constitutes “confidential information,” and about any confidentiality obligations they may have. The Experts are reminded explicitly before every engagement that no confidential information should be shared through our platform irrespective of the manner of engagement.

Conflict Management

As a guiding principle, we engage industry experts, to interact with our clients who are not present in that specific industry. We explicitly use various parameters to exclude experts from projects on which they can be conflicted or otherwise unsuitable. Experts are instructed to terminate any project that unexpectedly presents a compliance issue for them.

We share with the experts the specific areas or questions that the Client is trying to address. The experts can review and reject the questions that they would not like to address. Clients also have the flexibility to tailor the questions as per one’s area of expertise in order to make the interactions more meaningful.

Kindly review our Terms & Conditions of Engagement carefully and if you have any concerns, please write to us at