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Experts: FAQs

Who are the members of the Council of Experts?
The Council of Experts is a network of professionals across industries and functions including operations, technical, financial, marketing, operations and management.

What is the membership fee to join?
There is no membership fee to join the network. Expert Connect takes care of all expenses related to marketing, administration and compliance.

What is my obligation to the Council in case I join?
Accepting or declining projects is entirely your discretion. Also, during a conversation, if you become concerned with the nature of any enquiry by a client, you may discontinue your participation.

What will be the frequency of consultation?
Frequency of contact will vary depending on client requests for specific areas of expertise, the number of consultants available in each area, client feedback on the quality of prior consultations and other factors.

What is the mode of discussions?
Discussions generally take place by phone. Occasionally, consultants can participate in surveys, seminars, round tables, conferences etc as well as write detailed reports depending on their availability and interest.

Will my discussions with clients be monitored?
All conversations are confidential. Expert Connect will not participate in the consultations between the experts and clients.

Am I eligible to join the network?
All industry professionals are eligible to participate subject to their acceptance of Expert Connect terms and conditions of contract.

How will I be compensated?
You will be paid at an hourly rate for any consultations with clients. For longer projects, you will be paid on a daily rate basis, which you may charge depending on your expertise in the given field.

Will I be allowed to contact other network members?
While all consultations are separate and involve only one consultant, there will be opportunities to interact and network with other members in a community- like forum.


Become part of the elite Council of Experts where acceptance is based on the professional background


Interact with institutional investors and senior management of the leading companies


Get paid for your time within a fortnight of consultation


Network with the global community of investors and industry leaders


Get recognized as an industry expert by the key decision makers




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