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Sector Coverage

Expert Connect facilitates consultations between our clients and Council on a wide variety of topics across industries.

  • Business & Financial Services

       Consumer Finance
       Mortgage Finance
       Specialty Finance
       Educational Lending
       Asset Managers
       Investment Services
       Equity Investment Instruments
       Nonequity Investment Instruments

    Business Goods & Services
       Business Support Services
       Business Training & Employment Agencies
       Financial Administration

    Real Estate
       Real Estate Holding & Development
       Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Consumer Goods & Services

    Consumer Goods
       Automobiles & Parts
       Consumer Electronics
       Luxury Goods
       Food & Beverage
       Personal & Household Goods


    Consumer Services
       Personal Services
       Travel & Tourism
       Leisure Goods & Services

       Department Stores & Superstores
       Discount Stores
       Specialty Retailers
       Food & Drug Retailers
       Catalogue and Online Retail
  • Healthcare

    Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Therapies
       Allergy / Immunology
       Gynecology / Obstetrics
       Hematology / Oncology
       Infectious Disease / Virology
       Internal Medicine
       Neurology / Pain
       Psychiatry / Psychology
       Pulmonary Medicine
    Medical Equipment & Technology
       Medical Devices
       Laboratory Equipment
       Surgical Equipment
       Healthcare IT

    Regulatory / Legal Affairs
       FDA Issues
       Healthcare Policy
       Reimbursement Policy
       Patent Cases

    Healthcare Services
       Healthcare Providers
       Managed Care
       Disease Management
       Hospital Administration
       Pharmacy Benefit Management
       Drug Distributors and Wholesalers
       Long Term Care & Rehabilitation
       Home Health Care
  • Energy & Industrials

       Oil & Gas
       Alternative Energy

       Gas, Water & Multiutilities

    Basic Materials
       Basic Resources
       Forestry & Paper
       Industrial Metals

    Construction & Materials
       Building Materials & Fixtures
       Heavy Construction
       Home Construction
    Industrial Goods & Services
       Aerospace & Defense
       Containers & Packaging
       Industrial Engineering
       Commercial Vehicles & Trucks
       Industrial Machinery
       Industrial Suppliers
       Waste & Disposal Services

    Industrial Transportation
       Delivery Services
       Marine Transportation
       Transportation Services

       -Farming & Fishing
  • Technology, Media & Telecom

       - Fixed Line Telecommunications
       - Mobile Telecommunications
       - Telecommunications Equipment
       - Satellite
       - Cable
       - Towers

       - Broadcasting & Entertainment
       - Media Agencies
       - Publishing
       - Internet
       - Software & Computer Services
       - Technology Hardware & Equipment
       - Computer Hardware
       - Data Storage & Security
       - Electronic Office Equipment
       - Electrical Components & Equipment
       - Video Games
       - IT Services
       - VoIP
       - Semiconductors

Get access to the leading industry professionals in India.


Identify the emerging opportunities across industries.


Locate emerging companies and sub-sectors at an early stage.


Analyse investment opportunities with access to people that matter.


Stay updated about the latest trends and events.


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