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Client Services

Expert Connect services are designed to help institutional investors to collect and analyze primary data and make more informed decisions in a limited period of time.

Our clients are hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital firms, asset management companies, management consultants, law firms and large corporations.

Consultation Methods

Phone Calls
Private one-on-one phone calls with a member of the Expert Connect
Conference Calls
Weekly conference call series moderated by the Expert Connect 
Roundtable Events
Moderated discussions between our Expert Connect team, an intimate group of Expert Connect clients and a member of the Council of Experts.
In-Person Meetings
An office visit or tour arranged by Expert Connect with a member of the Council of Experts


  • Understand value chain of an Industry

  • Get industry overview

  • Quick industry pulse check

  • Impact of significant events, such as FDA approvals, etc


  • Accelerate engagement teams ramp-up

  • Thesis testing and identifying alternate approaches

  • Get insight from a group of customers regarding, pricing, product positioning, branding, etc

PE / VC firms

  •  Identify emerging trends / opportunities by speaking to experts.

  • Quick primers on industry from relevant experts.

  • Due diligence of deal / business assumptions.

  • Share research resources with portfolio companies on key issues / initiatives


  • Get the industry overview

  • M&A due diligence

  • Identify market opportunities by speaking to industry experts


Market Reach: Our specialized research team focuses on empanneling industry professionals across industries and ranks to offer unparalleled access to our clients in the leading emerging markets of India and China.


Unique Contacts: We maintain a proprietary database of industry experts that consists of custom recruited experts to match our clients requirements. More than 80% of our experts have consulted only for Expert Connect.


Customer Service: All our clients have a dedicated account manager who works closely with the clients to understand their requirements and ensure quick project. turnaround.


Limited Clients: We serve a select number of global clients, thus creating creating the scarcity value that our clients seek.



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